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We are your reliable technology partner that not just creates code but does its best to deliver you desirable business results. We provide a full range of custom software development services. With experience from small companies and startups to Fortune 500 companies and enterprises, we’ve already helped more than 50 companies conduct their digital shift. We combine thorough business analysis, an up-to-date tech stack and vast experience from different industries. That’s how you get cost- and time-efficient digital solutions that match your business needs and goals perfectly.

To deliver smart digital solutions. It means not just code creation but a perfect match between:

Client’s business needs & goals, budget, timeline and Full-cycle development, up-to-date technologies, a reasonable choice of the development model

To create and deliver smart, valuable, efficient technical solutions for businesses and end consumers.

Create a technological holding generating a nation of intelligent, knowledgeable, efficient and proactive people who will create and deliver solutions to global problems.

Smart-approach to software development

which means that we not just create code, but:

1)  dive deep into the client’s business specifics

2)  define the most optimal development strategy based on the client’s business needs and goals (for example, define the most time- and resource-efficient tech stack, project development methodology, cooperation model, etc.)

3)  provide transparent and regular client communication to help him understand all the nuances at each development stage if needed

4)  provide a result-oriented expert team

5)  provide all the needed assistance and are always ready to go the extra mile to become the partner you can undoubtedly rely on

1)  We deliver not just quality code. Combining thorough business analysis, up-to-date tech stack and vast experience from different industries, we deliver smart solutions (the description above)

2)  We provide the full range of custom software development services so you can cover all your development needs within one (our) company and don’t need to search for third-party vendor

3)  We support the client to the maximum extent, communicate with him regularly, and explain even the smallest details in the way he requires

4)  We provide our developers — whether it’s outsourcing or outstaffing — with constant expert assistance from other team members to ensure the best possible result

Core Members

Nik Popov


Alex Fakhrutdinov

Chief Technology Officer

Dmitriy Alperin

Head of BD and Int. Communications

Victor Zhibinov

CIO / Co-Founder Skyward Dynamic Solutions

Nik Pyvovarenko

PM / Head of SmartApps

Daria Kolesnikova

HR Director

Bohdan Khomiak

Marketing Generalist

Kateryna Ryabova

Project Manager

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