Our Smart SoftTeam

Our digital transformation team is made up of enthusiastic and motivated professionals who love what they do. We have a variety of experts in our ranks, including web developers, UI/UX designers, software engineers, DevOps specialists, and project/product managers.

Core Members

Nik Popov


Alex Fakhrutdinov

Chief Technology Officer

Dmitriy Alperin

Head of BD and Int. Communications

Victor Zhibinov

CIO / Co-Founder Skyward Dynamic Solutions

Nik Pyvovarenko

PM / Head of SmartApps

Daria Kolesnikova

HR Director

Bohdan Khomiak

Marketing Generalist

Kateryna Ryabova

Project Manager

Andrii Kuziv

UX/UI Designer

Evgeniy Gerasimenko

QA/QC Engineer

Andrii Lozovskyi

Backend Developer

Maksym Oganesyan

Frontend Developer

Roman Gerasimenko

Mobile App Store Manager

Egor Malutin

Flutter Developer

Yaroslav Malofiy

Frontend Developer

Denys Nedzvetskyi

Backend Developer

Let's get started with a Smart Soft Team

If you’d like to start a project with us, have a question about digital transformation or want to learn more about our offerings, feel free to contact us using the form on this page or by phone.