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Project Status

Completed ✅

Scope Of Work

UI/UX design, front-end, back-end, technical SEO optimization, CMS development, chat bot development

Tech Stack

Python (Django), Javascript, HTML/CSS

Type of Services

Website Development, CMS development.

Client’s Business Problems and Request

Our client started just finished rebranding and asked us to create a new website for a new brand strategy.

Requested features:

  1. Good google page speed results 90%+
  2. Ability to manage blogs from CMS with input for SEO fields.
  3. Multi lang
  4. Custom design

Our Solution

We created a website with a custom-made CMS (Content Management System), a small CRM and a chatbot for leads notification.

For the website frontend development, we decided to use a clear javascript without any framework for fast receiving great tech SEO results.

The CMS included features of

Blog Management: Creating blog posts in three languages, with different categories, inputting SEO fields (title, description, alt-text etc.), with different authors.


Small CRM (Customer relationship management) With the ability to receive and manage leads in the sales pipeline, the ability to see and change: lead source, status, responsible for the lead manager, deal type, comments, and lead personal data.


Chat bot has been created in telegram for sending notifications about new lead to the team.

In a result

By google page speed results 90+ and in the green section.✅

Good tech SEO optimization.✅

The marketing team have easy access to blog creation in different languages and with SEO fields.✅

The operational team can work with leads faster.✅

The solution has impressive scalability.✅

Amount of users from the website increased 4x.✅

The conversion rate has grown from 1% to 10%.✅

The time for a first callback increased twice.✅

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