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Corporate website and CMS development for Legal company in Europe


Gofaizen & Sherle — is an international legal and management consulting company based in Europe with headquarters in Estonia, Lithuania and Germany. Their main goal is to assist companies acquire licenses to launch business in the European Union and provide complex assistance to help businesses thrive.


Legal ⚖️


Europe 🇪🇺 

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Project Status

Completed ✅

Scope Of Work

UI/UX design, front-end, back-end, technical SEO optimization, CMS development, chat bot development

Tech Stack

Python (Django), React js, Next js

Type of Services

Website Development, CMS development

Client’s Business Problems and Request

The client came to us with a number of technical problems and requests that had a negative impact on business processes as well.

Also, with a request for continuous support on fast and proper service delivery level.

Tech issues:

  1. Slow site speed
  2. Troubles with search engine indexing and SEO optimization
  3. Not user-friendly and old-fashioned website design
  4. Security issues
  5. Too complicated website code and no website management system


Negative effects on business:

  • — Low website traffic and fewer potential clients as a result
  • — Poor user experience because the website doesn’t meet the user’s expectations
  • — Difficulty in working with a large amount of confidential data
  • — Inability to scale smoothly

Our Solution

New UX/UI Design based on brand strategy, colours, market research and business owner wishes.


New corporate website using the last technologies.


Custom CMS (Content management system) with different options for managing a website.


Implemented new tech architecture for better scalability and security.


Created chat bot for lead requests and system notifications.


Integrated forms with a chatbot and admin panel.


Created blacklist functions in the admin panel for spam requests.


Automatic site health and forms check and alert notification to the client’s team.


In a result

By google page speed/Lighthouse

Performance score — 99% ✅

Accessibility score — 90% ✅

Best practices — 92% ✅

SEO score — 100% ✅

The amount of traffic increased by more than 300% ✅

The number of clients increased 3x ✅

The website can scale fast and has no security problems ✅

A team for SEO optimization can deliver updates faster, which helps a company to be in the top 3 google requests like — crypto license in Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech, Canada, Slovakia, UAE and other relevant requests ✅

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