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Remote or mobile workers are the biggest threat to a company's data security, according to ComputerWeekly and the latest mobile safety report from the mobile connectivity company iPass. In a survey of 500 IT directors and decision makers in the UK, US, Germany and France, 57% of organizations suspect that last year their mobile workers caused security problems with mobile devices or even compromised the IT system.

Here are the highlights of the report.

More than half of organizations fear that their mobile workers have been hacked.

81% of respondents admitted having dealt with a safety incident related to incorrect use of Wi-Fi in the last 12 months.

 94% of IT security professionals say the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) practice has significantly increased overall safety risk for mobile devices, with most respondents admitting that they allow employees to use private IT equipment in their companies

Does this latest report news the end of mobile worker freedom?

Not necessarily, as there are still people who do their best work on a laptop at home. On the other hand, the growing trend of remote work forces companies to develop requirements that must be met by mobile or remote employees to ensure the security of the corporate network and its valuable resources.

 So what can be done to ensure cybersecurity without sacrificing the benefits of remote work?

 Develop a security policy for mobile users

  • consider blocking all free hotspots
  • make the use of secure VPN connections mandatory when using Wi-Fi
  • mandatory device and user authentication
  • systematically educate your remote employees about the importance of cybersecurity and their role in ensuring data safety


Make a list of applications and other resources that are required for operation and are approved by the company for use on authorized home devices. Make sure the correct ports are set to ensure the security of the services.


Develop a security incident response plan so that both employees and managers know how to react WHEN it does happen (not IF it does, it is almost certain that it will happen).


For several years, teleworking has shown an upward trend, and rightly so, because such a system brings many benefits. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the growing threat to data security and make employees aware of it. In many cases, it is worth considering the implementation of an Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) system.


Автор: John26.04.2022
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What is the best technology to start your IT adventure with?


The idea of starting work in the IT industry is still extremely tempting. High salaries, the possibility of continuous development and a rich selection of offers on the labor market make more and more people start to seriously think about a career in it. What is the best place to start your adventure? Find out what technologies to master for a good start.

Answer yourself the question: What do you want to do?


A career in the IT industry sounds like an interesting idea for yourself. The sector is constantly developing, the market is full of attractive offers, and the connection with information technology guarantees job security and numerous development paths. But before we plunge into the vortex of coding and courses, we need to answer one very important question: what exactly do we want to do? Before buying the first textbook and choosing a training class, we should clearly define our expectations and goals, and then confront them with reality. Let's start with a thorough research-let's see what the demand looks like in the labor market, look at forums and groups for programmers, and once we have determined our direction, gather information about the qualities and skills needed for a given position. Once we have completed the basic data and the action plan, we can move on.

What to keep in mind when preparing to work in the IT industry?

When collecting the information needed to make a decision, we must remember one very important thing-working in the IT industry means the need for constant learning. Mastering one language or technology is not enough to secure a place in the IT market. The sector is constantly changing and all the professionals involved must constantly adapt to new needs. Involvement in the development of applications and the implementation of interesting projects is not all. People working in the industry must show a willingness to learn new things, improve their skills and constantly raise the bar. Only with this attitude will our adventure in the IT industry make sense.

What path of development to choose? 

Basic knowledge and first skills can be acquired in several ways. Depending on our needs and opportunities, we are waiting for computer science courses or courses in programming schools. The first option will be a suitable starting point for people who want to gain knowledge about the theory and learn the basics of programming, but at the same time still have not chosen a specific specialization. In this case, we will have to devote about 5 years to study, but in return we will receive higher education and have extensive knowledge of it. The second option is aimed at people who want to quickly and concretely prepare for work in the profession and acquire the necessary skills. Choosing a class at the school of programming is also an opportunity to learn from experienced practitioners and participate in projects. Another option is to study independently on the internet courses and from a number of easily accessible sources of information. This solution requires a lot of self-denial and consistency, but it will allow you to learn the basics at your own pace.

When we answer the most important questions and choose an attractive direction of development, it's time to start learning! Here are some tips on which technologies are best to start your adventure in the IT industry.

Technologies for a start for a Frontend Developer

Frontend developer is a developer who deals with the visual aspects of applications. In his daily work, he joins forces with the web designer responsible for creating a graphic design of the site or application. Frontend developer is responsible for the elements that every active user will see, i.e. animations, function buttons and a graphical interface. The frontend specialist programs all interactions in such a way that we can use them freely and without any problems.

What technologies do we need to learn to start the adventure as a frontend developer? It is based on HTML and CSS. They are the main tools for building websites. The first one allows you to create very simple sites, and also allows us to understand how pages are created. Knowledge of CSS will give us the opportunity to create much more advanced and modern sites that will attract and interest users-thanks to knowledge of CSS, we will begin to implement attractive solutions. The next step on the path of a beginner Frontend developer is JavaScript. This scripting programming language opens up the possibility for us to build even more advanced interactions on the site. Using JavaScript, we will create drop-down menus, transitions between subpages and complex animations. HTML, CSS and JavaScript are the absolute foundation without which we will not be able to move on. Having mastered these three basic languages, we will be able to create the first fully responsive and visually appealing websites.

Backend developer-what technologies to start with?

Backend developer is a developer responsible for the operation of all elements of the program that ensure its proper functioning, but invisible to the user. The specialist in this position works primarily with the code and ensures that the entire system works correctly. It handles data processing and communication with databases.

What knowledge and skills should a person aspiring to be a backend developer acquire? Knowledge of specific programming languages will be necessary. Among the most popular we can mention Java, JavaScript and Python. Learning is best to start with acquaintance with Java. It is a simple and easy to learn language ideal for novice programmers. In addition, its global popularity makes it easy to find many free and easily accessible sources of knowledge about it, as well as quickly get answers to our questions. Knowledge of the JavaScript language will give us the opportunity to create more advanced solutions in applications, as well as facilitate cooperation on the frontend-backend line. In contrast, python is a clear, transparent and popular programming language. Allows you to quickly and easily create application prototypes. Despite its simplicity, python offers many applications and is eagerly used by large companies.

Data scientist-what technologies to choose for a start?

Who is data scientist? This specialist is engaged in the collection, processing, analysis of statistical data and obtaining specific conclusions. Entering the world of data science opens up numerous development pathways, including, among others, for a database administrator, data analyst, machine learning to engineer or bi developer.

What technologies will we need at the beginning of a career in the data science sector? In the first place, you should bet on the learning of python. It is an easy to learn language that offers many uses and allows you to create simple applications in a very short time. It is also one of the most popular languages used by data analysts and AI experts. Simple syntax, access to numerous libraries that increase work efficiency, and many applications in data analysis and AI make it an absolute foundation. Among the most popular languages used in data science, which are worth considering at the beginning of your career, you should mention the programming language R, which offers advanced data visualization mechanisms, as well as SQL and NoSQL. 


After making some important decisions and planning the initial stage of your career, we are waiting mainly for science. And that's a lot of learning! From now on, our main goal should be to develop skills. What else should we remember when starting a career in the IT industry? Do not attach too much importance to one, chosen at the beginning of the language. Having your own specialisation is important, but flexibility is more important. In information technology changes occur very quickly, today's tools and solutions, tomorrow may be outdated. Therefore, we must be ready to change our working environment and, with it the software or language.

Автор: Mike Brown03.11.2022
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