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We know that getting a startup off the ground is a challenging but still exciting process. It takes a lot of nerves, time, and resources. However, the game is worth the gamble when you end up with an outstanding product that brings you success and makes you famous as an innovator. We’re ready to accompany you on your journey — from the very beginning to the flourishing of your software project.

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Software Development Services for Startups

Technical & Business Consulting

To skyrocket your digital startup and minimize errors and losses, you need to have guidance from someone who has experience and expertise in your field. We are ready to share our knowledge with you, providing business & technical analysis and assessments that will become a solid basis on your way to success.

Proof of the Concept (PoC)

The survey of Harvard Business Review shows that approximately 70% of startups fail to return value to investors. The reason is that they start developing their products without appropriate evaluation, willing to get their solutions up as fast as possible. To be successful, your app needs to solve real-life problems of the target audience. To check this, you need to test the validity of your idea with PoC.

Prototype creation

Another one tool to test your idea, is a prototype creation. It is a very simple and basic representation of how your final product will look like. It helps to see what needs to be changed or added in your app to ensure viability of your final product.

MVP creation

A Minimum Viable Product is an app that includes the minimum set of crucial features. With such an app, you can enter the market quicklier, test your initial users, and attract more investors. MVP development is a time- and cost-effective solution to launch your basic app and develop the full-fledged version at the same time.

Custom software development

It’s impossible to build a world-changing digital solution based on ready-made software. We’re here to help you build your app from scratch and implement your idea to the fullest: with a unique feature set, the most effective technologies, catchy design, high-level security, and ability to scale.

Quality Assurance & Maintenance

To be the most attractive for users, your app should function smoothly and keep up with the times, adapting to new challenges. Our software development company for startups will help you control the quality of your app performance, solve potential issues quickly (if any appear), and come up with ideas on how to improve your app.

Industries we have experience with

We have an extensive background in a range of industries, and can draw on valuable experience from our many years in business to provide our customers with sustainable solutions.

What Our Clients Say About Us?

Hesitating whether our Smart Soft Team is right for your project? Check out what the client’s say about our digital transformation services company!

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Our Awards

We are proud of our awards and recognitions from various international organizations, but the most important validation comes from our clients.

Why choose a Smart Soft Team?

Software development for startups is not just about delivering code. With business analysts, account and project managers on board, we provide deep tech & business consulting to ensure the smooth launch of your product and future success on the market. Moreover, we check the compliance of the software with your business goals at each subsequent stage of development.

We provide the full range of software development services for stratups so you don’t need to search for third-party vendors. It’s a time- and cost-effective solution because we can cover all your needs within our company.

You can monitor all the project workflow with the help of your Personal Cabinet — a specific work environment where you can find all the project details anytime you or your investors need it. Feel free to schedule a call with our manager that will show you all the details of the Personal Cabinet.


We fully rely on European legislation in every agreement or issue regarding our software development services. That’s how we ensure efficiency and sustainability of relations with all our clients.


It means that you don’t need to sign a contract with each team member to ensure the safety and confidentiality of your startup idea and other sensitive data. You sign NDA once and for all team members, which helps avoid misunderstandings.


If you have some questions regarding software development for startups and need a quick answer, you can also get a part of our digital transformation consulting services via our Help Desk. It’s a platform where we gather answers to all the client’s frequently asked questions.


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