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Custom CMS with website builder functionality for Canadian Clinic


NewM Clinic — Network of medical clinics in Canada. Their focus service is Women’s Health and Newborn/Baby Care. They provide individual face-to-face and online consultations, video conferences, group classes, perinatal lectures and classes, etc.


Healthcare  🚑


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Client Website
Project Status

Completed ✅

Scope Of Work

UI/UX design, front-end, back-end, CMS Development

Tech Stack

Python (Django), Javascript, HTML/CSS

Type of Services

Web Solution Development

Client’s Business Problems and Request

Our client conducts very active marketing campaigns and systematically creates a lot of websites for clinic promotion — from comprehensive landing pages to smaller websites for the promotion of a particular kind of service.

They were using WordPress, however, it was not good enough for their project because it didn’t allow them to get desirable results from SEO optimization and other operational marketing activities.

Another goal of our client was to simplify the work with their website. They wanted to minimize the time and resources needed for its effective management so that their team could focus on more important and urgent tasks.

Our Solution

We decided to create a customized CMS (Content Management System) which provided our clients with the ability to:

Assemble pages from blocks and create new websites and landing pages faster.


To edit all the content in the blocks easily (texts, photos, images, etc.).


Using the variables function to insert a single value across all the blocks to publish and change content faster and easier.


Gathering lead forms data from all the websites and landing pages to the one cms so that the sales team can manage it in a well-organized way.


Use custom-built designs adapted for marketing goals instead of WordPress templates.


Use light HTML instead of heavy wp templates for better page speed ranking.


Increasing of SEO capabilities of the websites and getting more traffic.


In a result

  1. The NewMClinic websites and landing pages are launched faster now and are easy to maintain for tech, marketing, and sales teams. ✅
  2. All digital content can be controlled, structured, edited, and updated effortlessly in real-time mode. ✅
  3. The collaborative environment for data management helps to manage data quickly and without errors which significantly enhances the workflow. ✅
  4. Thanks to SEO-friendly features, now it’s easy to pull off winning marketing strategies. ✅
  5. Since it is a custom solution, this CMS has great performance, a high level of security, and remarkable scalability. ✅
  6. Google Page speed results — 80 and more (pages showing green zone in google page speed). ✅

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